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1.What is Virgin Hair

To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet certain standards including: no synthetic fibers, dyed, colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. This also means it comes from a single donor, and all the hair cuticles are intact, running in the same direction. Authentic virgin hair comes in only DONOR NATURAL COLORS ,1b or 2 shades of color, but you can dye the hair any color you would like.

2.Where Does Our Virgin Hair Come From

We like our customers to know that we have very high quality standards. Vegas Vixens Hair extensions comes directly from manufacturers and vendors who collect hair from the temples of India and South Asia. The Truth!! Other types of hair such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian etc. is collected and sold to reference textures. Our Virgin Hair is collected from one donor directly from its origin. Our Diva Collection Burmese, Cambodian, Indian, and Filipino Hairs are collected from tied back ponytails, then the pony tail is cut. The reason for the ponytail cutting in this way is to keep the hair cuticles intact and in one direction which, ensures natural movement, and prevents tangling, and shedding.

3.How To Order A Vegas Vixen Unit?

We make Custom Made Wigs! They are easy to wear, natural looking and undetectable. Custom wigs will last much longer than a traditional sew ins or Full Lace Wigs with proper care and maintenance!

How it works: Vegas Vixens Custom Made Wigs are made to order and fit. Custom wigs range from $175-$575. (plus additional options if desired) This is the cost for the WIG MAKING SERVICES ONLY; you must purchase the hair and or closures separately. Wigs can be made from any of our hair textures we offer & in any lengths desired. We also accept Custom Made orders utilizing any Vendors Hair Desired. *Discounts off Custom Made Wig Services w/Vegas Vixens Hair Purchase in Store or Online.

For Custom Made Full Wigs You must purchase a Lace, Silk Base closure, Lace frontal or 360 Frontal and a minimum of 2-3 bundles to utilize this service. Once we’ve received your payment and order details, we will begin making your Custom Made Wig. Custom wigs come un-styled unless specified! If you have any specific requests on your Custom Made Wig Order, please send an email to

*To ensure the perfect fit, we need the following measurements to make your custom wig: ear to ear, forehead to nape and circumference** Send an email with the measurements to


4.What is The Vegas Vixens Diva Collection?

Our Vegas Vixens Diva Collection of Burmese, Cambodian, Indian, and Filipino Hair is the best hair money can buy, and we offer it in affordable bundles available to everyone. Our Diva Collection Virgin Hair Extension Line has undergone a quality assurance process to ensure it is free of imperfections. Each bundle has been collected from one donor, and all cuticles are intact. While other Virgin Hair Suppliers focus on providing a wider variety of Textures and Colors, we choose to invest all of our efforts into an Exclusive High-Quality Collection of Virgin Hair Extensions. This approach allows us to take the time to ensure that every one of our products exceeds todays industry standards. The result is a Lavish Exclusive Collection of Exotic straight, wavy, and curly textured hair, that our customers know they can trust to last 2-3 or more years. Vegas Vixens Diva Collection Exudes Extravagance.

5.What is The Vegas Vixens Glam Collection?

Vegas Vixens Glam Collection of Naturally Straight,Wavy and Curly Hair Is Affordable quality virgin hair that is Soft, Silky and Smooth and can be treated as if it is your own hair, it can be cut, straightened, colored, washed, and styled as much as desired to create a completely Naturally Flawless Look.Vegas Vixens Glam Collection Virgin Hair Extensions with good maintenance can be Installed and Used several times over and over again, lasting up to 1-2 years 

6.What are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Vegas Vixens Diva Collection Clip-In Hair Extensions is a quick, “Do It Yourself” approach to hair extension installations. Our Indian Hair Clip-In Extensions can be perfectly matched and blended with your own natural hair. Hair extensions are used to extend the length of hair, provide volume, or add highlights to your natural hair. All Clip-In hair extensions come in 4.0oz Bundles in multiple pieces in varying widths for that perfect fit. These extensions can be clipped-in and taken out in minutes and are practically invisible. Vegas Vixens Diva Collection Clip-In Hair Extensions are the fastest and most affordable way to enhance the look of your hair without breaking the bank or damaging your natural hair.With Proper Care Can Last 2-3years.

7.Our Lace, Silk Base, Frontals & 360 Closures?

What are Silk and Lace Base Closures and Frontals? 
A Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a closure piece that is worn usually with a weave or used for custom wigs to give a natural looking hair line. The Silk Base material creates a realistic scalp appearance for these closures and frontals can be parted and styled in any manner. There are no visible knots which creates an illusion as if the hair was growing from your scalp. The Lace Base  Closures and Frontals lace is transparent and commonly attached onto a cornrow base to expose your natural scalp through the transparent Lace. Silk Base or Lace Front Closures and frontals is an essential for a truly undetectable flawless hairstyle   Lace or Silk Closure Install - Offers the look of a Partial Install with the benefits of not having any leave out. This is accomplished by using a Lace or Silk Closure in place of the leave out. This is the most popular installation method. Sizes: 3.5x4, 4x4   Lace or Silk Frontal Install - Similar to a Closure Install however a frontal extends from ear to ear across the front and back to the crown. Sizes: 13x4   Lace 360 Frontals- 360 lace frontals are adjustable, mimics a natural hairline from front to back, can be parted in any manner and are great for high ponytails front of frontal: 4 inches back of frontal: 2 inches

8.How to Prevent Damage To Closures & Frontals

Balding on closures is caused by excessive brushing, styling, plucking, or over processed coloring/bleaching, of the hair. The hairs on Lace and Silk based closures are placed individually and are delicate and should be installed by a professional and, handled with care to avoid balding. A bald closure cannot be repaired it will have to be replaced. Always wash, comb and style with care to ensure the durability of your closure and frontal products purchased.

9.What density should I order my wig/unit ?

Density options refers to how thick and full you want your wig or unit what density you order is based on personal preference. Most women achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium density; however, your choice will depend on your styling preferences and individual profile. 

10.Vegas Vixens Full Lace Wigs?

A lace wig, are hair wig units that create the illusion that hair is growing out of your own natural scalp, therefore is one of the most natural looking units on the market. This is achieved by the method of the lace wig cap construction. A fine lace material is used as the base where individual strands of hair are meticulously hand tied onto the lace. The term ‘full lace’ denotes that the base cap is made fully of lace circumference 360 , while ‘lace front’ wigs have lace in front and different materials at the back of the cap. One is also able to purchase a ‘lace frontal’ hair piece that can be used with weaving wefts. With this arrangement, the wefts are glued or sewn into one’s hair and the lace frontal applied only at the hairline.

There are typically two types of lace materials used to make the base cap- Swiss and French lace. Swiss lace is very fine and delicate and is the most undetectable choice. Though French lace is not as undetectable (but also a suitable choice), its advantage is that it is more durable over time

11.What is the difference between a lace front and a full lace wig?

A lace front wig has lace material only in the front of the wig creating a natural hairline in the front of the unit. A full lace unit has lace around the entire hairline, enabling a natural hairline that you can wear in a high ponytail.

12.You Can Swim and Exercise with a lace wig or extensions ?

Wigs and Extensions are the perfect solution for active lifestyles. and you’ll look great while doing it. However, to minimize damage afterwards, wash thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo and deep condition.

13.Wig Maintenance Services

$75.00 & up

We now offer Wig Maintenance Services

Caring for your fragile lace or custom made wigs are low maintenance however, they do require routine maintenance and care to optimize the life and wear of your Unit. It’s very important to keep the hair clean and conditioned. We suggest that you wash the hair at least two or three times a month with warm or cold water. When dirt and products accumulate on any hair, hair becomes weak and can cause tangles. Too much leave-in conditioners and other hair care products will create a build up on the hair and will cause breakage and shorten the lifespan.

For $75, we wash, deep condition and style your custom wig. There are also options available for Custom Color, Color touch ups, Tightening and more

Wig Additional Services

Bleaching Knots: 360 Frontals $75
Additional bundles: $35
Custom Coloring : $35 & per bundle or $100 & Up Wig/Units
Wig Maintenance: Start at $75 for shampoo, conditioning, and styling,& repairs
Additional Combs: $20 (for 2)
Wig Elastic Band: $20
Custom Made Clip Ins: Start at $65 per bundle

Additional Wig or Virgin Hair Purchase Options

Add Weft Seal Service ($10.00)per bundle

Bleach knots on Lace Closure ($25.00)

Bleach knots on Lace Frontal ($45.00)

Cut Bangs (straight across bang or swoop bang) ($15.00)

Cut Slight Layers all throughout ($25.00)

Cut Deep Layers all throughout ($35.00)

Cut into a bob (angled or traditional) ($50.00)

14.Custom Coloring Services Starting @$35 per bundle

Want to show everybody you’re a Vegas Vixen through color? We are now offering custom coloring services. Place your order add coloring services. Send an email following your purchase to that includes the name the order is listed under and a photo of your desired Color. We can achieve any color combinations you can Imagine.

One color basic color process is $35 a bundle includes blacks,& browns, and Semi Permanent Color Rinses of your Choice


$35 Natural Virgin Hair Colors

- Black
- Jet Black
- Blue Black
- Dark Brown
- Dark Plum Brown
- Jet Grape Etc

Please note these are Semi Permanent Coloring Non Chemical Services

15.Permanent Coloring Services Starting @ $65 per Bundle

- Black
- Jet Black
- Blue Black
- Dark Brown
- Dark Plum Brown
- Jet Grape
- Etc

16.Custom Coloring Services Start @ $75 Per Bundle

Custom Coloring Services

How it works: Add this service option to your cart along with your hair purchase. You can even email us pictures of your inspired look!

Design your hair the way you want.

Choose to:

-have tips colored (3 to 5 inches)
-have 1/2 length colored
-have full length colored (with or without dark roots)


Any questions: Email us at

Please allow 3-5 additional days from standard shipping and handling for our custom coloring services.


We wholesale all of our Virgin Hair Bundles, Closures, Frontals, and Hair products

Here are some perks for signing up with our wholesale partnership.

Affordable Payment Plans and Financing 
Fast same day Pick Up or Next day shipping. 
Access to great quality virgin hair products.
Awesome customer service and pricing.
Exclusive Preview and Access to new products and Special Monthly discounts 


Please email WHOLESALE@VEGASVIXENSHAIR.COM for more details and wholesale pricelist


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